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Don’t Wait!

Megan and Judd Rogers recently completed certification to be foster parents. As they wait for placement of a new child in their home they decided to keep busy by collecting donations and buying backpacks and school supplies for Legacy kids for the coming school year. “We were waiting by the phone to get that special call”. Megan says. “We were going crazy waiting”.

So on the advice of a wise friend they decided to keep busy by doing something for Legacy kids. Megan’s a kindergarten teacher, her husband Judd, is a restaurant manager. The couple felt strongly that kids start the school year off better when they are prepared and organized. All some students need is a fresh start with a new backpack.

Thank you to the Rogers family for not waiting to do something great for Legacy kids.

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An Unanticipated Blessing

Here I sit, filling out paperwork for be a foster mother.  My life has been good. My parents were phenomenal. My husband is on board with the decision and the kids are excited to have little kids in the house again. I think to myself, we have a big house, income, kids gear, a yard, and a church. I’m a devoted mother. I don’t need to sleep. I learned how to make a lot of food in a short period of time. But mostly, I just want to have a chaotic house again and I knew that there were a lot of kids who need a good home.

 I had seen these kids in my classroom over the years. They came to school tired, in old clothes, they borrowed food from the other kids in the class. I would contact their parents and no one would respond. Sometimes, when school got out there was no one there to pick them up. They need a good home and we are a good home.

My husband and I sat through the parenting classes. Social workers taught us what to expect when we received a child placed in our home. We learned that foster children sometimes arrive thin, with their clothes in a garbage bag, and that they may try and “blow placement”, meaning they would try everything they could to try and be returned to their biological parents.  I got nervous.  The social worker was coming to our house to inspect. The house was clean but still, I was nervous. We were almost done with the certification process.  I missed having little ones who actually wanted to hug me, who wanted to learn how to fold clothes, and who spent the entire day in dress-up clothes. I couldn’t wait to have little kids in our home again.

The Call

It was a Sunday night, and we got a call that the following week a little boy would be available for a meeting with us, if we were interested. We went to the agency with a box of donuts to meet Jeremiah, 5 years-old. He was small, curly dark hair, and a fantastic smile. How could this little boy need a new family? He was wonderful. I immediately loved him. I wanted to take care of Jeremiah.  My husband made a paper airplane for him and they tried to see how far they could throw it. We took him home and helped him make it through his first night in a strange place.  The first weeks were an adjustment for all of us. Jeremiah didn’t like casseroles. He wanted to watch Thomas the Tank Engine episodes at bedtime every night, and he refused to bathe. Jeremiah didn’t know his colors, numbers, or shapes. But he knew how to share, he shared everything.

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