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Legacy Family Services


Legacy was established as a California Corporation. It is a small business & has a management that is actively involved in the day to day workings of the business. Finances aren’t managed from a distant office, & the Administrator is available for a local meeting. At Legacy Family Services we provide to our resource families the very best in foster care services & support; from the first phone conversation with us, to the placement of your first foster child in your home. We will orient, educate, support, & carry out all necessary steps to certify you as a resource parent. We also provide the premier social work services available in California. We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, everyday, all year, including holidays. With over a decade of experience working in the foster and adoption industries in the state, you won’t find a better prepared, more knowledgeable, more committed group of social workers, educators, & administrators. Foster care refers to the system within a state that cares for minor children when it has been deemed by the court & a child protection agency that the child’s parents are unable to properly care for them.


Approval of Resources Families

Families that apply to by Resources Families, but do not complete the process do so for the following reasons:

13%  Income too low
  2%  Family members move in leaving no room to foster
28%  Criminal background that restrict approval
28%  Became non-responsive, assumed to have changed their mind
  2%  Poor References
  2%  Home lacks space for children
  4%  Moved while in process
  7%  Had previous licensing complaints that were prohibitive
15%  The home was in poor repair or in an unsafe locations


Reasons why Resource Parents stopped fostering:

15%  Moved or were moving
22%  Health or personal reasons
  2%  Requested due to the behaviors of Foster Children
  5%  Failed to perform essential duties, decertified
  6%  Transfer
28%  Non-compliant for certification (i.e. training hours)
  6%  Adoptions Completed – Family at capacity or full
  3%  Family members moved in restricting space for foster children

Legacy Family Services


Resource Family Approval
Social Worker
Evelyn Herrera-Rodriguez



If you are interested in becoming a Resource Family (Foster Family) Evelyn is an awesome resources. Evelyn has years of experience as a Foster Care Social Worker, and is certified as a SAFE home evaluator. She has worked with dozens of families to get them through the approval process. She understands the law with regards to resource family approval and know how to get you through the process. She can answer your questions, schedule you for an orientation, and work you through the steps required to be a resource parent. Evelyn is also kind, understanding, and very compassionate.
Give her a call….(661) 472-8598.


Chief Executive Officer
Martin Hansen

Chief Operations Officer
Kelly Kleinhammer, MSW

Chief Financial Officer
 Sherri Nelson
Sherri Nelson image

Administrative Assistant
Delma Salazar

Social Services Worker
Robert “Shane” White, BSW
Shane White image

Social Services Worker
 Dolores Sanchez, BA

Supervising Social Worker
Isis Cunningham, BSW

Human Services Aid
Bianca Murillo, BA

Social Services Worker
Michele Beams, MSW, ACSW

Social Services Worker
Gelacio Espino, BSW

Court Ordered Facilitator
Bettina Champion

Court Ordered Facilitator
Bianca Murillo, BA

Substance Abuse Counselor
 Larry Kindred

Mental Health Therapist
Sarah Chavez

Leah Lopeteguy-Hoffman, LMFT

Vykha Maldonado, LCSW

Legacy Family Services



Legacy has been serving children & families since 2002. We have worked with hundreds of families & even more foster children. This is important since resource families rely on that experience when they are working with children. Additionally, Legacy has a working understanding of the laws & regulations surrounding foster care. Our agency can promise you small case loads (the number of children a social worker is responsible for), interesting & enjoyable training classes, web based library, video resources, & the very latest in innovative parenting techniques—all intended to assist you as you parent your foster children & make your time with us smooth, satisfying, & easy.


Legacy Family Services

Legacy Family Services



To unlock the potential of families & individuals.

To develop employees that model integrity & healthy living.

To build a legacy for all of our clients.

Legacy Family Services



We believe that there is no other success that can compensate for the failure of the family unit. We believe that our ability to accomplish this lies in financial strength, excellent clinical & client services, superior employee development, & most of all, an unyielding code of ethics. Through these foundations, we are assertively pursuing opportunities to build a legacy for all children, & adults who might not otherwise have one.

Legacy Family Services



The need is great. Foster care in California is currently in an urgent state. We need more qualified, kind, & willing families to undertake this important role. As the number of children that enter foster care increases every year, the number of parents willing to foster decreases. Now, more than ever, we need you. If you have the yearning to love & care for children in need, we invite you to contact us. You will change lives for the better & the children you foster will bless & inspire you for years to come!

Legacy Family Services



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