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 Foster Care and Adoptions used to be two very distinct processes; that is no longer the case. Once a Partner Parent goes through the approval process, he or she will automatically be approved as a potential adoptive parent as well. 

 In addition to providing foster care, Legacy is committed to assisting you with the adoption of foster children. Our team of social workers & administrators have years of combined experience in adoption. We understand the court system, the process, & how to help you through to the end goal. We love finding caring & loving families who want to provide permanent, enduring & loving homes for children who need them. 

 Adoption provides a permanent home for babies & children who need good families. These families, both traditional & non-traditional, find the forever family they seek through adopting children. Adoption provides the greatest amount of legal protection & permanency for both the child & the family. Adoption also encourages the emotional attachments that children require in order to grow and develop into successful & happy adults & it allows parents to experience bonding that lasts a lifetime. 

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