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Foster Care refers to the system within a state that cares for minor children when it has been deemed by the court and a child protection agency that the child’s parents are unable to properly care for them. Foster families provide stability, nurturing, food and shelter, love, guidance, and protection to the children that are placed in their homes. This unique act of service gives to foster families the opportunity to continue their legacy of excellent parenting, to bless the lives of children in the community, and to receive for themselves the satisfaction that comes from opening their homes and hearts to children in crises.

Children in foster care can remain with their foster families for very short periods of time or for extended time periods.  Some families are given the opportunity to adopt the children they foster. Foster families provide care to children as courts and social workers carry out their work to determine what is best for the long term needs of the children and how prepared their biological families may be to retain custody of them.  During this time period foster parents provide much needed stability and love to their foster children.

Legacy Foster Care Agency

At Legacy Family Services we provide to our foster family clients the very best in foster care services and support. From the first phone conversation with us to the placement of your first foster child in your home we will orient, educate, support, and carry out all necessary steps to certify you as a foster parent. We also provide the premier social work services available in California. We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, everyday, all year, including holidays. With over a decade of experience working in the foster and adoption industries in the state you won’t find a better prepared, more knowledgeable, more committed group of social workers, educators, and administrators.

Our agency can promise you small case loads (the number of children a social worker is responsible for), interesting and enjoyable training classes,  web based library and video resources, and the very latest in innovative parenting techniques—all intended to assist you as you parent your foster children and make  your time with us smooth, satisfying, and helpful.


The Need is Great

Foster care in California is currently in an urgent state. We need more qualified, kind, and willing families to undertake this important work. As the number of children that enter foster care increases every year, the number of parents willing to foster decreases. Now, more than ever, we need you. If you have the yearning to love and care for children in need we invite you to call us today. You will change lives for the better and the children you foster will bless and inspire you for years to come.


The Process of Fostering—what’s next?

--Receive a brief orientation over the phone or in person. We’ll answer all your questions. Call us or let us call you.

--Fill out an application, basic budget information, and background disclosure.

--Complete a physical and TB Test

--Pass a background check

--Complete 12 hours of training

--Be certified in Child and Adult CPR/First Aide

--Have a home inspection

--Have a home study

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How To Become A Foster Parent

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