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Who can be a foster parent?
Our families are as diverse as the children we serve. We welcome families or individuals, married, single, or domestic partnerships that are emotionally and financially stable and nurturing.

How old do you have to be to become a foster parent?
A person must be at least 18 years old.

What do foster parents do?
Foster parents are certified full time care givers for the foster children in their home. They provide for the child's basic needs as they would do for their own children. Foster parents work in partnership with Legacy social workers and become an integral part of the child's treatment team to enable each child to reach developmental, academic, social, behavioral, emotional, and/or medical goals.

How long does it take to become a foster parent?
The process takes anywhere between 6 weeks to 6 months depending on obstacles the individuals may have including a police record, financial abnormalities, or issues with their houses.

What does it take to be a foster parent?
Individuals must pass a background check, have adequate income, and enough physical space in their home for additional children (ie--an unocuppied bedroom), they must also attend 12 hours of training, have a CPR/First aide certification, and submit to a home inspection.

What is the biggest need in Foster Care?
Without a doubt, there is a need for loving homes for older children, ages 10 to 18, and large sibling groups. There is also a need for adoptive homes. That being said, there is a need for nurturing homes for foster children of all ages and circumstances.

Do Foster parents get to have a preference in what type of children they want to bring into their home?
Yes, Legacy is dedicated to finding the best fit for both the foster family and the child when placing a child in a home. Legacy respects your decisions in making placements into your home.

Can Foster parents say NO to a placement when a social worker calls?
Yes, the dialogue about the foster family's preferences for children placed in their care begins at orientation and continues throughout the certification process. Prior to placement, Legacy social workers provide foster families with as much information about the child(ren) as possible and encourage the foster parents to the proper fit for your home.

Do you get paid for being a foster parent?
No, foster parents receive reimbursement exclusively for the children's maintenance.

Are foster parents kept confidential?
Yes, all your information is protected and shared only where the law permits or requires.

Do the children placed with foster parents have their own medical and dental insurance?
Yes, Foster Children are Medi-Cal recipients.

What type of children get placed in homes?
Each foster child is unique. Foster children placed in Legacy foster homes range from 0-20 years old. These children have experienced varying degrees of abuse or neglect. Legacy does not place medically fragile, non-ambulatory, sexually aggressive, or children with a history of starting fires.

How long will a child be placed in our home?
You will have opportunity for children from varying stages of foster care. You might have short term placements for a minimum of a few days to 3 months, or longer term placements from 3 to 18 months. Many Legacy foster homes accept guardianship or foster to adopt placements; which become much more permanent remaining in a home until they are adults.


  How do I become
  a foster parent?



  • Make Application


  • Attend Orientation


  • Complete Paperwork 


  • Pass Background Check


  • 12 hours of Training


  • Health Screening


  • Home Inspection


  • CPR First Aid


  • Home Study




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