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Adoption provides a permanent home for babies and children who need good families. These families, both traditional and non-traditional, find the forever family they seek through adopting children. Adoption provides the greatest amount of legal protection and permanency for both the child and the family. Adoption also encourages the emotional attachments that children require in order to grow and develop into successful and happy adults and it allows parents to experience bonding that lasts a lifetime.


Legacy and the Adoption of Foster Children

In addition to providing foster care, Legacy is committed to assisting you with the adoption of foster children. Our team of social workers and administrators have years of combined experience in adoption. We understand the court system, the process, and how to help you through to the end goal. We love finding caring and loving families who want to provide permanent, enduring and loving homes for children who need them.


The Process

The process of adoption starts with becoming a foster parent.  In fact, many of the steps required for adoption are accomplished through that process.  Of course, there are a couple of extra steps that will need to be taken by parents who want to adopt.  These extra steps follow.

• First, all adoptive parents are required to attend a County sponsored Foster/Adoption Orientation to learn more about County foster children and the county system.  It is free, but requires a commitment of 12 additional training hours. 

• Second, you will need to fill out a County application to adopt.  This really starts the process. From there you are assigned a County Adoptions Social worker.  This will be a social worker in addition to your Legacy Foster Care Social Worker

• Third, all adoptive parents are required to have a specialized adoption home study done on their family.  It is referred to as a SAFE home study.  It is not much different from the home study you undergo to become a foster parent, but it follows a required format for adoptions.  If you met the requirements of Legacy's home study for foster care, you should not have a problem with the SAFE home study.

• In addition to the SAFE home study, the county adoptions worker will review many of the documents that you supplied to become a foster parent.  These include; Criminal background check, Medical exam, Verification of employment, Reference letters, and Disclosure of financial condition.  Again, if you qualified to be a Legacy Foster Parent, you should not have any problems qualifying to adopt through the county system.

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