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ABOUT US - What is Legacy?

A 501(c)(3) : This is the tax code that defines a Not-for-Profit corporation.  In simple terms, Legacy must used any generated profits  for the betterment of the services.  No profits can be paid out to staff, used for unrelated expenses or activities, or any form of dividends.

A Treatment Program:Foster Care services are much more than room and board.  Legacy accepts and specializes in the placement of children with separation disorder and behavioral challenges.

A Private Agency:In contrast to County Foster Homes, private FFA's (Foster Family Agencies) are regulated to an average case load of no more than 15 children per social worker.  This translates into significantly smaller case loads and considerably more support for the Foster Parent.

Experienced:Legacy has been serving children and families since 2002.  We have been around the block once or twice.  We have worked with hundreds of families and even more foster children.  This is important since foster parents rely on that experience we they are working with children.  Additionally, Legacy has a working understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding foster care.

Local:Legacy was established as a California Corporation.  It is a small business and has a management that is actively involved in the day to day workings of the business.  Finances aren't managed from a distant office, and the Administrator is available for a local meeting.



Our Mission: To unlock the potential of families and individuals.
To develop employees that model integrity and healthy living. 
To build a legacy for all our clients.

Our Vision: Legacy Behavioral Services, Inc. provides behavioral health, foster care, and other services to children and their families, which assist in the building of strong individuals and family units.  We believe that there is no other success that can compensate for the failure of the family unit. 

We believe that our ability to accomplish this lies in financial strength, excellent clinical and client services, superior employee development, and most of all an unyielding code of ethics.  Through these foundations, we are assertively pursuing opportunities to build a legacy for all children, and adults who might not otherwise have one. 

We believe that everyone has the right to their own legacy.

Legacy Behavioral Services 

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