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If you would like to inquire more about how to make a difference in yours and a child’s life,
please fill out the short & simple request form and someone will contact you shortly to invite
you to attend a free orientation in your area.
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View an On-Line Orientation



Though far less personal, Legacy now offers an on-line Orientation.
This is great if you are a little apprehensive about coming into our office for a face-to-face orientation.
It takes about 30 minutes and will answer most question s about the process of becoming a foster parent,
and what being a foster parent might look like. Attending an orientation is one of the requirements
for becoming a foster parent, so if you are serious please watch the video to the end and then
certify that you completed the task. Additionally, we would welcome you to e-mail us questions
you might have as a result of the video. Enjoy.



Download Information



Not ready to attend an orientation? Download our free guide to fostering a child in California
and e-mail us all your questions at information@legacybehavioral.com.


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Legacy Family Services invites you to download the…

Complete Guide to Fostering in Bakersfield — by Martin Hansen

Learn how to become a foster parent and accomplish your goals of fostering children today.

At Legacy we work to advance your goals quickly and easily.

In this guide you will:

• Learn about the step by step process to becoming a foster parent.

• Find out how to qualify to be a foster parent. Its free and easy.

• Establish the truth behind common myths and misconceptions about fostering.

This guide is the result of over a decade of experience helping parents  successfully navigate foster care and achieve their family goals in both fostering and adoption.

Download your free copy now. 

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