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We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of foster children, foster parents, and biological parents so that families can be strengthened and individuals can achieve their full potential in life.

Foster Care offers a unique opportunity to participate in the molding and development of another human being, whose nurturing has been put at risk at no fault of their own.

The emotional and spiritual benefits that are achieved in this effort are out weighed by very few things in life. For an adult to make a positive impact on a child's life is something that will resonate for generations to come.

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Featured Article

"Communities need more foster families"

"A cacophony only six children can make bounces around the Rojases’ family room. It’s movie time, and Sherena Rojas is calmly directing the organized chaos of movement into a semi-seated row on the checkered carpet below the television." ...click here for the complete article

The quote from the Santa Maria Sun newspaper article says it all. Many, if not most, communities need more foster families. Read the full article to gain some insight into the joys of foster parenthood and the process to become a foster parent. Legacy is happy to have helped make this happen.


Latest Article

An unanticipated blessing

Legacy Behavioral ServicesI held in my hand the newspaper clipping. It was old and yellow around the edges and the ink was fading. Natty, it read, was the recipient of a going away party. She was given a handkerchief, some books, and other essentials for her journey to the orphanage in Illinois. It seemed so foreign to me; having a party to celebrate leaving your home to go live in an orphanage, and even more so to publish the announcement in a newspaper. 
It was a long time ago and when your father died and you were one of many children you might be sent to an orphanage where you could receive an education, a roof over your head, and a large new family.
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Giving Recognition

Don’t wait!

Legacy Behavioral ServicesMegan and Judd Rogers recently completed certification to be foster parents. As they wait for placement of a new child in their home they decided to keep busy by collecting donations and buying backpacks and school supplies for Legacy kids for the coming school year.
“We were waiting by the phone to get that special call”. Megan says. “We were going crazy waiting”.
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Foster Parenting

Letter From Our CEO

Legacy Behavioral ServicesDear Potential Foster Parent,

Let me start by expressing my thanks for your interest in becoming a Foster Parent.  My wife and I are parents to three children, two of which are now grown adults.  We continue to experience great joy in our children, but we also know how challenging parenting can be.  At this point in our lives, we are seeing much of the fruits of our labor. We have found that our children can provide us with our greatest challenges and successes.

Parenting is an incredible act of love and sacrifice. Foster Parenting takes parenting to a whole new level. 
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